Art Nouveau

    Art Nouveau

    Posters, Illustrations and Fine Art from the Glamorous Fin de Siecle

    Rosalind Ormistone; Michael Robinson

    Flame Tree 2013

    Hardback 192pp Illustrated 280x290mm

    9781847862808   Product Code: 99818

    Lavishly illustrated with around 170 reproductions, this celebration of Art Nouveau is in three parts, looking first at the movement as a whole - a design ethos that swept across Europe and America between the late 19th century and the First World War. Part two deals with the graphic arts, including the posters of Toulouse-Lautrec and Alphonse Mucha, while the final section explores the impact of Art Nouveau in the fine arts, discussing artists from Paul Gauguin to Gustav Klimt.

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