The Glory of the Sultans

    The Glory of the Sultans

    Islamic Architecture in India

    Yves Porter; Gerard Degeorge

    Flammarion 2009

    Hardback 304pp Illustrated 305x240mm

    9782080301109   Product Code: 16400

    Arab invaders arrived in the Indo-Pakistani subcontinent in the 8th century, but the foundation of the sultanate of Delhi in the 12th century marked the beginning of the era of monumental building as a display of power. The sultanates and the Great Mughals left an architectural legacy that includes masterpieces such as the Qutb Minar and the Taj Mahal. This volume is a chronological account of the major phases of Islamic architecture across the subcontinent, illustrated with superb photographs by Gerard Degeorge. Slip- cased.

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