Palaces for Pigs

    Palaces for Pigs

    Animal Architecture and Other Beastly Buildings

    Lucinda Lambton

    English Heritage 2011

    Hardback 226pp Illustrated 244x187mm

    9781850749899   Product Code: 94692

    For hundreds of years, people have built elaborate, extravagant and downright eccentric homes for their animals. Wearing her scholarship with deceptive charm, Lucinda Lambton surveys hundreds of these flights of fancy throughout Britain and Ireland: elegant stables, a pyramid for poultry, a half-timbered dovecote, Sir John Soane's classical 'canine residences', a medieval palace for pigs, and a touching selection of pet cemeteries. In this engaging, informative and lavishly illustrated book, the British passions for architecture and animals meet.

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