Key Buildings from Prehistory to the Present

    Key Buildings from Prehistory to the Present

    Plans, Sections and Elevations

    Andrew Ballantyne

    Laurence King 2012

    Hardback 320pp Illustrated 290x248mm

    9781856698375   Product Code: 25013

    Andrew Ballantyne's selection of around 150 structures is designed to emphasize the many different functions of architecture. After an initial selection of 'culture-defining monuments' that includes the Parthenon, Hagia Sophia and the Eiffel Tower, the buildings are arranged by role, from dwelling places to bridges, government offices to opera houses, each one illustrated in plan, section and elevation and photographically, along with a lucid explanation of its architectural significance. The book's drawings are also featured on a CD-Rom in EPS and DWG format.

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