Iconic LA

    Iconic LA

    Stories of LA's Most Memorable Buildings

    Frank O Gehry; Gloria Koenig

    Balcony 2001

    Hardback 120pp Illustrated 292x236mm

    9781890449087   Product Code: 88631

    The 12 buildings of this study, identifiable the world over, demonstrate the personality and power of Los Angeles as a major metropolis. Their stories are the story of a city in progress, an urban biography that tells a century's worth of history. The architect of the Bradbury Building accepted the commission after consulting a ouija board and was inspired by a futuristic novel written in the late 1800's; in 1984 the building became a set for the futuristic-noir film 'Blade Runner'. The Jetson-style LAX Theme building provides an indelible image of one of the world's busiest airports; however, few know the poignant story of its designer, Paul Williams, one of Los Angeles's most important African-American architects.

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