'Gothic for Ever': AWN Pugin, Lord Shrewsbury

    'Gothic for Ever': AWN Pugin, Lord Shrewsbury

    and the Rebuilding of Catholic England

    Michael Fisher

    Spire 2012

    Hardback 341pp Illustrated 273x208mm

    9781904965367   Product Code: 19060

    Determined to restore the splendour of the medieval Church, Augustus Pugin was the driving force behind the Gothic Revival in Victorian Britain. To accomplish his vision, the young architect needed a wealthy patron, and found one in John Talbot, 16th Earl of Shrewsbury and England's leading Catholic layman. Extensively illustrated with prints, drawings and colour photographs, this book charts their fruitful collaboration at Talbot's home, Alton Towers, and elsewhere, and the momentous change in public taste it brought about.

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