AWH Pugin

    AWH Pugin

    Master of Gothic Revival

    Megan Aldrich; Paul Atterbury et al

    Yale University Press 1995

    Paperback 416pp Illustrated 303x227mm

    9780300066579   Product Code: 24825

    The architecture, interior design, decorative work and writings of Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (1812-1852) were paramount in the history of 19th century architecture and style, and this volume of essays explores the many facets of his achievement, examining topics such as the early years of the Gothic revival, Pugin's contribution to industrial design, his conversion to Roman Catholicism and his churches in Ireland as well as architecture. It also contains the catalogue of the Bard Graduate Centre, NY, exhibition, illustrating and commenting on 144 artefacts drawn or designed by Pugin.

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