Fragments of History

    Fragments of History

    Rethinking the Ruthwell and Bewcastle Monuments

    Fred Orton; Ian Wood; Clare A Lees

    Manchester University Press 2007

    Hardback 300pp Illustrated 257x200mm

    9780719072567   Product Code: 20698

    At Ruthwell in Dumfriesshire and Bewcastle in Cumbria, on either side of the English-Scots border, stand two ancient stone crosses. More than five metres tall and elaborately decorated, they are arguably the finest pre-Viking sculptures in Britain. This magisterial survey sets them in the context of the Northumbrian kingdom of the 8th and 9th centuries, and explores their relationship to the great Anglo-Saxon poem The Dream of the Rood, part of which is inscribed on the Bewcastle cross. No jacket.

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