City of Gold

    City of Gold

    The Archaeology of Polis Chrysochous, Cyprus

    William AP Childs; Joanna S Smith; J Michael Padgett

    Yale University Press 2013

    Paperback 400pp Illustrated 285x235mm

    9780300174397   Product Code: 21141

    Beneath the Cypriot town of Polis Chrysochous ('City of Gold') lie two earlier cities: the ancient Marion, sacked in 312BCE, and Arsinoe, which flourished in the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Over the past 130 years, archaeological excavations have uncovered a wealth of material, principally decorated pottery. Produced to accompany an exhibition at Princeton University Art Museum, this magnificent catalogue explores the history and culture of the sites, and illustrates 110 artefacts, nearly half of them never published before.

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