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Exploring Britain's Lost Railways

Julian Holland

Times 2013
Hardback Illustrated

Thousands of miles of Britain's railways were closed during the 20th century, many following the infamous 'Beeching Report' in the 1960s and early 1970s. Since then, some of the old trackbeds have been converted to footpaths and cycleways - hidden byways through beautiful, tranquil countryside. Richly illustrated with maps and photographs, old and new, this book explores 50 of these routes, outlining their history and describing what they have to offer today's walkers, cyclists and railway enthusiasts....more

Exploring Britain's Lost Railways £30.00
now £12.99
Stock code: 99860

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Edwardian Rambles

Henry Atty

Alfresco 1998
Hardback Illustrated

From their Warrington home, Henry Atty and his wife enjoyed pleasant bicycle excursions to local attractions such as Knutsford, Chester, and Hoylake, on the largely traffic-free roads of the 1910s. The beautifully hand-written, illustrated and ornamented record he made of these journeys is an interesting and cheerful commentary on the Edwardian countryside and landmarks, as well as a charming work of art. This is a facsimile edition of Atty's original journal, which he called Cycling Rambles. ...more

Edwardian Rambles £14.95
now £4.99
Stock code: 99935

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Steaming through Britain

A History of the Nation's Railways

Chris Ellis; Greg Morse

Conway 2010
Hardback Illustrated

Starting with the very earliest use of rails, this richly illustrated history follows the whole sequence of the development of the railways in Britain up to today's preservation projects. ...more

Steaming through Britain £20.00
now £9.99
Stock code: 85394

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Wet Noses and Fuzzy Bellies

Jane Burton

VMB 2010
Hardback Illustrated

For anyone who has no puppy of their own to fall in love with, here are hundreds, captured in beautiful studio photographs, yet behaving like puppies should - mostly playing and sleeping. The pictures are by wildlife filmmaker and photographer Jane Burton (1933-2007) and they need few words - each puppy's age and breed and quotations from miscellaneous philosophers, dog lovers and rock stars - among them, Charles Schulz ('Happiness is a warm puppy') and Longfellow ('Youth comes but once in a lifetime'). ...more

now £8.99
Stock code: 11120

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Pepys's London

Everyday Life in London, 1650-1703

Stephen Porter

Amberley 2011
Hardback Illustrated

A Londoner born and bred, the diarist Samuel Pepys lived through some of the city's most stirring and turbulent times, including the Restoration, the Plague, and the Great Fire. Drawing on his journals and a host of other contemporary sources, this compelling history charts the rapid development of the metropolis at the time, its vibrant yet brutal street culture, and its larger-than-life personalities, from Nell Gwynne to Colonel Blood, who stole the Crown Jewels and got away with it....more

Pepys's London £20.00
now £7.99
Stock code: 98512

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The Courtiers

Splendour and Intrigue in the Georgian Court at Kensington

Lucy Worsley

Walker 2010
Hardback Illustrated

Now famous as the home of Diana, Princes of Wales, Kensington Palace entered the limelight during the reigns of the first two Georges, when its elegant assembly room was a theatre for intrigue and scandal. This absorbing portrait of court life under the quarrelsome Hanoverians charts the skulduggery, politicking, rivalries and affairs, bringing vividly to life a gallery of ambitious politicians, neglected wives, spurned mistresses, a chancellor with a taste for young men, and George II's two Turkish servants. ...more

The Courtiers $30.00
now £6.99
Stock code: 99956

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Emma Rutherford

Rizzoli 2009
Hardback Illustrated

Silhouette portraits have been around since antiquity, but in the 18th century they became immensely popular, cut from black paper as an amateur pastime, championed by scientists as a study of physiognomy, and providing mementoes of loved ones in an age before photography. Illustrated with more than 250 examples, many published for the first time, from private, public and royal collections, this beautiful book explores the fascinating techniques and social history of this charming, yet neglected art form. ...more

Silhouette $65.00
now £14.99
Stock code: 10603

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The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature

Third edition

MC Howatson

 (Edited by)

Oxford University Press 2011

In print for over 70 years, this Oxford Companion is now an up- to-date reference A-Z of over 3,100 entries. As well as plot summaries of the Greek and Latin classics, it contains a wealth of information on the authors, their historical contexts and the literary heritage of the classical world. This third edition includes a chronology, six detailed maps, and 200 new entries reflecting modern interests in topics such as freedom, aesthetics, love and sexuality, science and technology. ...more

The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature £40.00
now £9.99
Stock code: 11330

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1001 Songs

The Great Songs of All Time

Toby Cresswell

Hardie Grant 2007


1001 Songs £15.99
now £5.99
Stock code: 11912

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40 Great Walks in Australia

Tyrone Thomas; Andrew Close

Explore Australia 2009
Paperback Illustrated


40 Great Walks in Australia £15.99
now £2.99
Stock code: 11913

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