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Edward Steichen: In High Fashion

The Conde Nast Years, 1923-1937

William A Ewing; Todd Brandow

Thames & Hudson 2007
Hardback Illustrated

Edward Steichen had helped elevate the status of photography as an art form in the early 20th century and was already famous when he became chief photographer for Vogue and Vanity Fair in 1923. Introducing a bold graphic style to fashion photography, more in tune with the modernist avant-garde of the day, his work for Conde Nast revolutionized the genre. This beautifully prepared exhibition catalogue reproduces 245 photographs, including both fashion images and iconic portraits of leading figures in contemporary culture. ...more

Edward Steichen: In High Fashion £42.00
now £16.99
Stock code: 98399

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The Seventy Wonders of the Ancient World

The Great Monuments and How They Were Built

Chris Scarre

 (Edited by)

Thames & Hudson 2004
Hardback Illustrated

The colossal statuary of ancient Egypt, Roman aqueducts, or hill- forts such as Maiden Castle - such vast monuments from antiquity fill modern visitors with awe: how were they constructed using only simple tools and manpower? This volume focuses on the engineering achievements of the ancients, going beyond the original seven wonders to span the whole world and around 6,500 years, from the menhirs of Brittany, to the Great Temple of the Aztecs at Tenochtitlan, built between 1325-1500 CE. ...more

The Seventy Wonders of the Ancient World £24.95
now £9.99
Stock code: 98413

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Timmy the Tug

A Story in Colour, A Story in Rhyme

Jim Downer; Ted Hughes

Thames & Hudson 2009
Hardback Illustrated

'Timmy was a paddle-boat, sound as a gong' - but he had been left to rust in the sleepy quays when paddles went out of fashion. Written in the 1950s and only recently rediscovered, Ted Hughes's poem about a tug that escapes his moorings and explores the high seas originally accompanied a story that was conceived and illustrated in watercolours by his friend Jim Downer. Timmy the Tug is presented here in a facsimile of the original manuscript. ...more

Timmy the Tug £12.95
now £5.99
Stock code: 98416

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Horace Walpole's Cat

Christopher Frayling; Bentley

Thames & Hudson 2009
Hardback Illustrated

One day in 1747, Horace Walpole's cat Selima fell into a tub of goldfishes and drowned, inspiring Thomas Gray to write his much-loved Ode on the Death of a Favourite Cat. This delightful, handsomely produced book takes the poem as a starting point for an exploration of 18th century matters feline, drawing in Rousseau, Johnson and Christopher Smart. It features three sets of illustrations for the poem: engravings by Richard Bentley (1753), watercolours by Blake (1797) and previously unpublished drawings by Kathleen Hale (1944). ...more

Horace Walpole's Cat £14.95
now £7.99
Stock code: 98406

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The Times Concise Atlas of the World

The Times

Times 2009
Hardback Illustrated

For the eleventh edition, this major atlas has been updated to 2009 and includes, among several new features, a selection of nine historical maps of the world since 1858 and satellite images of the continents. The main body of the Atlas comprises 200 pages of Collins Bartholomew maps covering the continents, oceans and polar regions, plus sections of world maps, geographical information (physical features and states of the world), a glossary and an index to over 60,000 place names. Slip-cased. ...more

The Times Concise Atlas of the World £90.00
now £25.00
Stock code: 98979

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Charles Dickens

Michael Slater

Yale University Press 2009

Driven by childhood demons, Dickens maintained a furious workload throughout his life. In addition to novels, he produced letters, journalism, essays and travel books, and his famous after- dinner speeches. Written with warmth, clarity and economy, this masterly biography explores the connections between Dickens'tumultuous emotional life, his outrage at the social conditions of his day, and his prodigious output. Illustrated with many unfamiliar images, it offers a rich and rounded portrait of the writer and the man. ...more

Charles Dickens £28.00
now £9.99
Stock code: 98202

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Paul Sandby

Picturing Britain

John Bonehill; Stephen Daniels

 (Edited by)

Thames & Hudson 2010
Hardback Illustrated

Widely considered the father of the English watercolour, Paul Sandby (1731-1809) painted rural landscapes, ruined abbeys, royal parks and scenes of everyday life throughout Britain. Published in conjunction with a bicentenary exhibition at Nottingham Castle Museum, this superb catalogue raisonne provides a full overview of his career. With more than 100 colour plates, it examines how Sandby's paintings paintings reflect the social and commercial development of the time, his influence on British art, and his seminal innovations in printmaking. ...more

Paul Sandby £35.00
now £9.99
Stock code: 98320

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The Victorian Railway

Jack Simmons

Thames & Hudson 2009

As remarkable as the locomotives and engineering projects of the railway pioneers were, the wider effects of the transport revolution on the nature of Britain are just as notable. This history of the Victorian railways examines the initial construction of the network but also charts the social changes wrought as the railways changed the face of town and country, accelerated communications, encouraged standardization and widened the horizons of ordinary people. ...more

The Victorian Railway £9.95
now £4.99
Stock code: 98418

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Beauty, Sex and Power

A Story of Debauchery and Decadent Art at the Late Stuart Court (1660-1714)

Brett Dolman; David Soudan; Olivia Fryman

Scala 2012
Paperback Illustrated

Inspired by the Stuart apartments of Hampton Court Palace and the two sets of 17th century paintings they contain - the 'Windsor Beauties' of Peter Lely and 'Hampton Court Beauties' of Godfrey Kneller, The Wild, the Beautiful and the Damned exhibition at the Palace explored the notions of beauty, sexual attractiveness and portraiture in these paintings of Charles II's mistresses. This book, which originally accompanied the exhibition, explores those themes through a whole range of 17th century painting. ...more

Beauty, Sex and Power £16.95
now £7.99
Stock code: 98557

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Clothes and the Child

A Handbook of Children's Dress in England 1500-1900

Anne Buck

Ruth Bean 1996
Paperback Illustrated


Clothes and the Child £19.95
now £4.99
Stock code: 11443

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