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English Government in the Thirteenth Century

Adrian Jobson

 (Edited by)

Boydell 2004

The size and jurisdiction of English royal government underwent sustained development in the 13th century, an understanding of which is crucial to a balanced view of medieval English society. These seven papers follow three central themes, the development of central government, law and justice, and the crown and the localities, and include studies of bureaucracy and enrolment under King John, the royal chancery, the exchequer, the administration of local justice and women as sheriffs. No jacket. ...more

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The Cartulary of St Mary's Collegiate Church, Warwick

Charles Fonge

 (Edited by)

Boydell 2004

No jacket....more

The Cartulary of St Mary's Collegiate Church, Warwick £65.00
now £21.00
Stock code: 92088

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Anne of France

Lessons for My Daughter

Sharon L Jansen

Brewer 2004

Sharon L Jansen presents the first English translation of the book of advice for her daughter composed by Anne of France (1461-1522), herself the daughter of Louis XI, known to her contemporaries as Madame la Grande. Anne's lessons draw on her own life that, in the words of Jansen, 'exemplified the virtues and demeanor expected of women, even while transcending the limitations imposed on women'. With introduction, notes and interpretive essay. Library of Medieval Women. No jacket. ...more

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Anglo-Norman Studies 26

Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2003

John Gillingham

 (Edited by)

Boydell 2004

No jacket...more

Anglo-Norman Studies 26 £45.00
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Without Enigma

The Ultra and Fellgiebel Riddles

Kenneth Macksey

Ian Allan 2000
Hardback Illustrated

How important was the decipherment of Enigma? Did it give the Allies a vital advantage? In this book, one of Britain's foremost military historians describes a scenario in which, early in 1943, the Germans discover that Enigma has been thoroughly penetrated. Considering how they would have responded, and focusing on the underrated role of Erich Fellgiebel, he offers a compelling argument which challenges the prevailing view about the impact of Enigma. ...more

Without Enigma £19.99
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Nueva York


Edward J Sullivan

 (Edited by)

Scala 2011
Hardback Illustrated

Published to accompany an exhibition organized by the New York Historical Society, this ground-breaking, interdisciplinary volume examines 'Nueva York', where Hispanics today make up almost a third of the population. Sullivan's introduction and 11 illustrated essays explore the city's historic connections with the Spanish-speaking world, including discussions of Cuban and Puerto Rican immigration, and Spanish and Latin American writing, art and music in New York. ...more

Nueva York £39.95
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Thomas and Rebecca Vaughan's Aqua Vitae: Non Vitis

(British Library MS, Sloane 1741)

Donald R Dickson

 (Edited by)

Arizona 2001

Subtitled 'The Radical Humiditie of Nature: Mechanically, and Magically dissected', this alchemical notebook dates from the 1650s and documents the work of a leading 'experimental philosopher' and his wife (one of the first known female alchemists). Dickson presents a diplomatic edition of the Vaughans' original Latin text with facing English translation, a glossary of alchemical terms and an extensive introduction to the authors' lives and work. ...more

Thomas and Rebecca Vaughan's Aqua Vitae: Non Vitis £31.00
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Subordination and Authorship in Early Modern England

The Case of Elizabeth Cavendish Egerton and her 'Loose Papers'

Betty S Travitsky

 (Edited by)

Arizona 1999

Comprising a confession of faith, prayers and meditations, the 'Loose Papers' of Elizabeth Egerton (1626-1663), Countess of Bridgewater, were collected and published after her death in 1663. As well as a 'documentary edition' of the text, Travitsky provides an extraordinarily detailed study of Elizabeth's life, showing her to be 'an extremely privileged, personally venerated, yet paradoxically powerless and ultimately victimized seventeenth-century woman'. ...more

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The Venlo Incident

A True Story of Double-Dealing, Captivity and a Murderous Nazi Plot

S Payne Best

Frontline 2009
Hardback Illustrated

Early in the Second World War, Allied intelligence suffered a catastrophe when British officers, expecting to meet plotters against Hitler, walked into a Nazi trap. The incident not only brought the Netherlands into the war but also made the British suspicious of future dealings with anti-Hitler resistance. Although the full details remain classified, this account of the incident by captured British agent S Payne Best was published in 1950; it appears here with a new introduction by Nigel Jones. ...more

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The Steel of the DLI

The 2nd Battalion of the Durham Light Infantry at War 1914-1928

John Sheen

Pen & Sword 2009
Hardback Illustrated

Only two battalions of the Durham Light Infantry did not have their history published in the years following the First World War; this book now fills the void for the 2nd Battalion. With photographs from the Regimental Archives and material from unpublished letters and diaries, it details the battalion's actions from the very beginning of the war. The book ends with a roll of all the officers who served with the battalion and a list of men who received gallantry awards. ...more

The Steel of the DLI £25.00
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