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An Anniversary Portrait

Nicholas Kenyon

Continuum 2008

Published to celebrate 150 years since Elgar's birth, this is a collection of 15 essays by musicologists and performers, including Stephen Hough, Dame Janet Baker and Tasmin Little. They explore the contradictory aspects of Elgar's biography and reputation, discuss performances of the concertos and analyse the composer's techniques and working methods. In the final chapter a director of the Elgar Foundation outlines the history of the Birthplace Museum. ...more

Elgar £13.99
now £4.99
Stock code: 99740

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A Celebration of the Flora and Fauna of the Bible

Endymion Beer

Halsgrove 2007
Hardback Illustrated

By illustrating and writing about the birds, animals and plants mentioned in the Old and New Testaments, naturalist Endymion Beer has created a multi-faceted work for young and old. Over 170 colour illustrations, accompanied by Bible quotations and references, and natural history notes full of fascinating asides, invite the reader to further explore the Bible, the natural world and the historical background to our modern flora and fauna. With a foreword by David Bellamy. ...more

A Celebration of the Flora and Fauna of the Bible £24.99
now £7.99
Stock code: 99455

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Vanished Ocean

How Tethys Reshaped the World

Dorrik Stow

Oxford University Press 2010

A hundred million years ago, the Tethys Ocean covered four fifths of the planet and teemed with life. In this enthralling book, oceanographer Dorrik Stow explains how, as the Earth's tectonic plates shifted, this mighty sea broke up and vanished, strewing clues to its existence across the globe: fossils of its extinct denizens, a whale graveyard, and the oilfields of the Middle East. A thought- provoking final chapter demonstrates how this continuing process will eventually transform our world....more

Vanished Ocean £16.99
now £6.99
Stock code: 86822

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Clouds that Look Like Things

Photographed by Members of The Cloud Appreciation Society

Gavin Pretor-Pinney; Ian Loxley

 (Edited by)

Sceptre 2012
Hardback Illustrated

Seeing shapes in the clouds is a time-honoured pastime and Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society, has encouraged people all over the world to keep an eye out for unusual formations. Exhibiting such intriguing semblances as 'a ghost carrying home the shopping' and 'a topless sunbather', this is an entertaining collection of photographs. It also includes an explanation of cloud formation and the official classification system. ...more

Clouds that Look Like Things £12.99
now £4.99
Stock code: 96755

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Garden Bird Songs and Calls

Geoff Sample

Collins 2000
HB + Audio 

With this audio CD and book, Geoff Sample provides a very accessible introduction and guide to identifying the birds of gardens and parkland by their songs and calls. There are recordings of over 40 species of the most common and vocal garden birds on the CD, each one introduced by a voice-over and described in the accompanying book, along with notes on the song period and the vocal habits of the species, and tips on listening to bird song and calls. ...more

Garden Bird Songs and Calls £14.99
now £4.99
Stock code: 90449

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Art Nouveau

Posters, Illustrations and Fine Art from the Glamorous Fin de Siecle

Rosalind Ormistone; Michael Robinson

Flame Tree 2013
Hardback Illustrated

Lavishly illustrated with around 170 reproductions, this celebration of Art Nouveau is in three parts, looking first at the movement as a whole - a design ethos that swept across Europe and America between the late 19th century and the First World War. Part two deals with the graphic arts, including the posters of Toulouse-Lautrec and Alphonse Mucha, while the final section explores the impact of Art Nouveau in the fine arts, discussing artists from Paul Gauguin to Gustav Klimt. ...more

Art Nouveau £20.00
now £9.99
Stock code: 99818

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David Weston's Railway Heritage

Address book


Halswood 2010
Hardback Illustrated

David Weston is one of Britain's most important railway artists, whose work has been highly sought after since his landmark exhibition at the Museum of British Transport in 1969. This address book includes alphabetical tabbed pages for easy navigation and is illustrated with over 40 of Weston's celebrated paintings in oil and watercolour, ranging from scenes of steam's heyday to elegiac depictions of rusting locomotives awaiting restoration. ...more

David Weston's Railway Heritage £14.99
now £5.99
Stock code: 99470

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Bob the Builder

Owner's Workshop Manual

Derek Smith

Haynes 2011
Hardback Illustrated

Each of the machines in Bob the Builder's crew is examined in this book, using cutaway illustrations like a real workshop manual. Explaining the work of Scoop the backhoe loader, Lofty the mobile crane, Muck the bulldozer and the rest of the gang, the book provides simple introductions to concepts such as hydraulics and caterpillar tracks. Young engineers from age 4+ ...more

Bob the Builder £7.99
now £3.99
Stock code: 95505

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The Yorkshire Moors and Wolds

Mark Denton

Frances Lincoln 2007
Hardback Illustrated

Separated by the Vale of Pickering, the low hills of the Yorkshire Wolds and the heather moorland of the North Yorkshire Moors offer two contrasting landscapes: patchworks of cultivated fields, gently rolling hills and wide skies characterize the Wolds; while the Moors offer dramatic isolation, beautiful woodland and spectacular falling water. In this collection of his panoramic photographs, Mark Denton pays tribute to these most atmospheric, enchanting and little-known areas of England....more

The Yorkshire Moors and Wolds £14.99
now £7.99
Stock code: 99685

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Our Island Story

Nick Crane

BBC 2010

Britain's coastline boasts cliffs of the darkest basalt, the whitest chalk and the reddest sandstone, beaches of honey-coloured sands, towering sea stacks and bird-filled marshes. This variety and beauty make it one of the most extraordinary in the world. In this book, which accompanied the BBC TV series, Nick Crane explores the wonders of the coast, from its initial forging by drifting continents and early exploitation by fishers and foragers, to its modern importance as the nation's greatest natural playground. ...more

Coast £18.99
now £6.99
Stock code: 99671

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