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The Burglar Caught by a Skeleton

and Other Singular Tales from the Victorian Press

Jeremy Clay

Icon 2013

The British Library's newspaper collection preserves a hidden history of the farcical and tragic misfortunes of ordinary people which enthralled and appalled Victorian readers. For this compendium, Jeremy Clay has unearthed hundreds of bizarre tales, including the pallbearer killed by a coffin, the Father Christmas whose beard caught fire, an elephant called into the witness-box and a 19-ton consignment of embalmed cats. ...more

The Burglar Caught by a Skeleton £12.99
now £3.99
Stock code: 98459

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The Book of Kells

Charles Gidley

Arina 2011
Hardback Illustrated

The Book of Kells, comprising the four Gospels and their Preliminaries, is Ireland's greatest national art treasure. Produced by unknown monks in the late 8th century, it has resided for the past 350 years in the library of Trinity College, Dublin. Gidley describes the manuscript's origins and history in the introduction to this edition which features reduced-size reproductions of every folio. Over 50 of the most striking pages are reproduced at full size to show the intricacy of their colourful illumination. ...more

The Book of Kells $17.95
now £8.99
Stock code: 98422

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Where a Dobdob Meets a Dikdik

A Word Lover's Guide to the Weirdest, Wackiest and Wonkiest Lexical Gems

Bill Casselman

Adams 2011

In this potted tour through the nooks and crannies of the English language, renowned etymologist Bill Casselman considers the difference between a petard and a queef, and explains why you might want to avoid a pilliwinks. From nautical slang to sporting cliche to 'words of exquisite rarity', his book - part-lexicon, part rumination - revels in the language's eccentric history. ...more

Where a Dobdob Meets a Dikdik £9.99
now £3.99
Stock code: 88137

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The Real Middle Earth

Magic and Mystery in the Dark Ages

Brian Bates

Pan Books 2003
Paperback Illustrated

The concept of Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings was drawn from the imaginative world of Anglo-Saxon and Norse mythology in which dragons flew across the sky and elves fired poisoned arrows. Professor Bates combines literary evidence with the researches of historians and archaeologists to uncover the vanished Dark Age way of life from which those tales emerged. ...more

The Real Middle Earth £7.99
now £3.99
Stock code: 98009

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The Victorian Railway

Jack Simmons

Thames & Hudson 2009

As remarkable as the locomotives and engineering projects of the railway pioneers were, the wider effects of the transport revolution on the nature of Britain are just as notable. This history of the Victorian railways examines the initial construction of the network but also charts the social changes wrought as the railways changed the face of town and country, accelerated communications, encouraged standardization and widened the horizons of ordinary people. ...more

The Victorian Railway £9.95
now £4.99
Stock code: 98418

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Bad History

How We Got the Past Wrong

Emma Marriott

Michael O'Mara 2011
Hardback Illustrated

Did Mussolini make the trains run on time? Did Galileo invent the telescope? How 'Roman' was Roman Britain? Examining these and 28 more examples, Emma Marriott shows that some of our most cherished beliefs about the great events of history are inaccurate, either through errors and misunderstandings or because of deliberate attempts to cover up or mislead. ...more

Bad History £9.99
now £3.99
Stock code: 94156

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The Seventy Wonders of the Ancient World

The Great Monuments and How They Were Built

Chris Scarre

 (Edited by)

Thames & Hudson 2004
Hardback Illustrated

The colossal statuary of ancient Egypt, Roman aqueducts, or hill- forts such as Maiden Castle - such vast monuments from antiquity fill modern visitors with awe: how were they constructed using only simple tools and manpower? This volume focuses on the engineering achievements of the ancients, going beyond the original seven wonders to span the whole world and around 6,500 years, from the menhirs of Brittany, to the Great Temple of the Aztecs at Tenochtitlan, built between 1325-1500 CE. ...more

The Seventy Wonders of the Ancient World £24.95
now £9.99
Stock code: 98413

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The Medieval Imagination

Building The Medieval World

Christine Sciacca

British Library 2010
Hardback Illustrated

Some of the greatest achievements of the Middle Ages are its soaring cathedrals and imposing castles. While many survive, others have disappeared, and it is to illuminated manuscripts that we must look to get an idea of their appearance. With illustrations from manuscripts in the Getty Museum and the British Library collections, this book examines medieval artists' treatment of architecture, both real and imaginary, and the insight it provides into the evolving styles and construction methods of the period. ...more

The Medieval Imagination £12.95
now £4.99
Stock code: 98378

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The Pursued

CS Forester

Penguin 2012

Marjorie arrived home one summer evening and found her sister dead, her head in the gas oven. But was it suicide? This 1935 thriller, a dark portrayal of obsession and retribution from the author of the Hornblower novels, was lost for decades and finally published in 2011. ...more

The Pursued £8.99
now £2.99
Stock code: 98143

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Children's Costume

The Complete Historical Sourcebook

John Peacock

Thames & Hudson 2009
Hardback Illustrated

Tracing the history of children's fashions from ancient times to the present day, this sourcebook comprises over 1,000 specially drawn examples of the clothes children of various ages wore at different periods, with accompanying text detailing every aspect of their apparel, including accessories. Concluding with a simplified time chart and a bibliography, this is a colourful, authoritative, but also very accessible reference for designers, historians and collectors. ...more

Children's Costume £24.95
now £9.99
Stock code: 98392

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